Use ADM Authority Builder to quickly build out high Page-Authority, niche relevant web-pages that you can either rank or link from to pass some of that Page-Authority to your money sites

Take Control of Your Own Back-Linking Strategy to Earn
Higher Search Engine Rankings

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when you’re trying to rank your website. One of the most important factors is the authority of your website. All things being equal, if your site is deemed to have more authority than the competition then you will more than likely rank higher than them. With ADM Authority Builder you have a tool, when used correctly, will help you build that authority (and relevance) quickly and easily.

How to Rank Your Websites


Research your keywords and your competition, so you know what needs to be done to rank your sites. Then it’s time to get to work.


Carry out on-page optimization on your site, index the pages and then get authority backlinks from external sites and other sources.


Remember your competition won’t be standing still, so after you check your ranking results and continue the good work to strengthen those rankings.

Why Should You Consider ADM Authority Builder?

There are three camps when it comes to ranking websites. Those who sit on the ‘White Hat’ side of search engine optimization, then there are those who totally focus on ‘Black Hat’ SEO, and then you have those who label themselves as ‘Grey Hat’ (i.e. they mix white hat and black hat techniques to try and rank sites).

Our own position is that if you are doing anything at all to try to manipulate rankings (i.e. then you are on the black hat side of things). And if you aren’t trying to manipulate the search engine rankings, are you in fact a search engine optimization company, or are you simply a content writer?

So let’s assume, since you are here that you aren’t averse to a few black hat techniques and want to take control of your own link building. Sure you could take the route of trying to get backlinks by guest posting on other high-authority websites to try and drive some of that all important link-juice back to your site. And if you can do that, then your website will certainly benefit from it. But be warned, it’s a lot of work to identify these high-quality sites and get the owners to agree to publish your article. You then have to get the article written and checked by the site owner so they’re sure it’s of high enough quality. And then if all’s good, then the article is published and you get the backlink. But it doesn’t stop there. Even after you get the backlink, you need to hope that it stays there for a good length of time – but you really have no control over that at all! What if the site owner loses interest in the site and doesn’t renew it, and someone else picks it up before you have the chance to? Or what if their own back linking strategy isn’t up to par, and they ruin the authority over time? Then your own backlink and all the others on the site could become worthless.

Getting backlinks from other sites that you don’t own and have control of is risky-business. So this is why you need to have as much control of your backlinks as possible. This is why so many professional SEOers go to the effort of investing in their own PBNs (private blog networks). Despite what you may have heard from others, good PBNs are still very effective in ranking sites. And those PBNs that are not effective or get caught, are because of the way they they are run, and 9 times out of 10, it’s because they’ve become public blog networks because the owners sell links, rent them or even swap them. If your PBN is kept private, then the chances of you being caught are lessened.

With ADM Authority Builder, you can build your own little PBN, without the worry of having to update plugins, and significantly reducing the chances of the sites being hacked – and most important – you own the sites you build. They’re not being built on Web 2.0 assets that can be shut down at any point in time by the domain owners.

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Remember these prices will not stand still. We are continuing to develop this product even further, so that means more cost to us – and therefore we will need to increase the pricing. So the best price you’re going to get it is right now.

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ADM Authority Builder Monthly Subscription

ADM Authority Builder Monthly Subscription

Please note that this is monthly subscription that will remain in place until you cancel your subscription.
Cancellations should be made through your JVZoo account, or alternatively inside your PayPal account.

ADM Authority Builder Annual License

ADM Authority Builder Yearly License

Please note that this is an annual usage license that will not automatically renew at the end of the year.
Subsequent renewals must be made manually, and will be priced at the advertised rate on the date of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not at all! None of the assets that you build using this program will be Web 2.0 sites/posts.

While the license is valid, you can build as many of these assets out that you like. There is no limit. We currently offer two licenses; a monthly subscription that automatically renews each month, and an annual license which doesn’t automatically renew.

If you choose the monthly option then your subscription will never increase unless you cancel (or the subscription automatically cancels because of non-payment) and then you decide to start over. At that point, your new subscription fee will be whatever the advertised price is at that time.

If you choose the annual license, your license will automatically stop working on the anniversary of the purchase. If you wish to take out a new annual license at the time, you will need to do so at the advertised price on the new date of purchase.

Yes, sure you can! We include a few ADM Thor templates as part of the bundle, but you are not obliged to use them. We built these templates based on the way that we use the Authority Builder, but you may come up with other creative ways of using it.

In theory you could, since the end goal is pretty much the same (i.e. building assets with high page-authority), but during our tests we found that we got really good results when used in conjunction with Web 2.0 builders such as SEO Autopilot.

Yes, you will be using WordPress to build out these sites. What makes all the difference is the way that these sites are deployed. Once deployed you won’t have to worry about the sites being hacked because of outdated plugins, etc. And in fact, if you want to, you could even delete the WordPress sites altogether and still keep the links that you’ve built.

No, we can’t say that with any truth at all! Ranking sites is a lot more than just building backlinks to them. On-page optimization is a huge part of ranking websites, so if you ignore that part then you are seriously handicapping yourself. In addition, you have to remember that other businesses are competing for the most valuable keywords. So they won’t be standing still as you try to rank your sites. Building external relevant and authoritative backlinks is a crucial part of search engine optimization, but not the only thing that determines rankings.

Also, you will need to keep in mind that Google changes its algorithms on a regular basis, and therefore we have no control over whether the method that we are promoting will continue to work over a long period of time.

You won’t be able to build any additional assets – that’s it! Any existing assets you’ve built will remain in place unless you delete them yourself.


ADM Authority builder is not any kind of ‘Get Rich Quick’ product and is simply a tool to help you with your search engine optimization tasks. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that we cannot offer any kind of guarantee that you will rank for the target keywords of your choice.

You also acknowledge that link-building of any kind, including the links that you build with ADM Authority Builder, could be deemed as going against Google® or any other search engine’s terms of service, and as such could reflect negatively on the rankings of your websites. Using ADM Authority Builder is at your own risk and neither the developer of this product or it’s partners can be held liable for any penalties or losses that you may incur.